Our Vision

To improve computer literacy in India.

To expose the in-need to the virbant startup community leveraging co-working spaces.

Several co-working spaces have been cropping up in metropolitan cities. Our mission is to leverage this existing network and expose those-in-need to the virbant culture that is prevelant in such offices.

How we do it?

We plan to conduct workshops for kids twice a week, providing them hands-on experience on laptops. We want to understand their problems and design solutions specific to their lifestyles. We want attendees to interact with the vibrant startup community, observe them, learn from them.

A little inspiration goes a long way!

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About Us

Ckho is a Not-For-Profit initiative started by Diksha Deo and Saurabh AV. India's computer literacy rate is a measly 6%. Ckho is our way of making a dent.

Co-working spaces have cropped up in and around major cities in India in the past few years. They are host to awesome energetic souls which have always been an inspiration to us. It's time we share this inspiration!

We want the needy to have access to the vibrant minds who will be more than willing to help, teach & inspire, by all means available.


Do our wavelengths match? Think you can help?

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Our Justice League!

Here's a list of our passionate team.